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Indigo Thunder
by AmberLilith

Indigo Thunder is the name for my hairfalls selling account.

I mainly sell yarn falls using Colinette and other yarns, usually made of wool.
All my falls are handmade, by me (AmberLilith).

I sell pre-made falls. All the falls pictured for sale here are brand new, never worn or tried on.

I also take custom orders, so if you have an idea or see something you like that isn't currently listed, feel free to email me at:
indigo_thunder [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk.

About Me:
I'm Anna, known as AmberLilith online. I'm 24, located in North East England. Making hair is a hobby that I enjoy, so I decided to start Indigo Thunder and share my love for pretty woolly hair with like-minded people. I also work part-time and have studied Psychology at university.
My personal LJ is amberlilith. I am amberlilithbathory on ebay.
Heavenly Hair Forum, MUA and Specktra: amberlilith

About the graphics:
All graphics (c) copyright Rob 'Xaphod' Goforth 2008.