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(no subject) [1st, March, 2011|10:49 pm]
Indigo Thunder
by AmberLilith

Indigo Thunder is the name for my hairfalls selling account.

I mainly sell yarn falls using Colinette and other yarns, usually made of wool.
All my falls are handmade, by me (AmberLilith).

I sell pre-made falls. All the falls pictured for sale here are brand new, never worn or tried on.
Check out the gallery *here* for more photos!
Each set is unique -I might use the same yarns or colour scheme again, but I never make exactly the same pair of falls twice!

I also take custom orders, so if you have an idea or see something you like that isn't currently listed, feel free to email me at:
indigo_thunder [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk.

*Now on Facebook!

Indigo Thunder | Create your badge

About Me:

Pic (c) evileyebri

I'm Anna, known as AmberLilith online. I'm 27, located in North East England. Making hair is a hobby that I enjoy, so I decided to start Indigo Thunder and share my love for pretty woolly hair with like-minded people. I also work part-time and have studied Psychology at university.

About the graphics and photos:
All photographs of falls (c) copyright Anna 'AmberLilith' Kennett 2008-2011.
Above graphics (c) by Rob Goforth 2009

Falls are modelled by Kimmie 'Stitched Kitten' Hoyland
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Falls FAQ [1st, March, 2011|08:00 pm]
[Location |home]
[Music |Echo n The Bunnymen]


    [Any other questions? Comment here or email.]

Falls: General FAQCollapse )

Indigo Thunder fallsCollapse )

Colinette yarnCollapse )

Custom OrdersCollapse )
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Indigo Thunder hair falls COMPETITION! [16th, November, 2010|05:49 pm]
[Location |home]
[Music |Horrorpops - Kiss Kiss Kill Kill]

[Indigo Thunder is currently more active on Facebook]

When Indigo Thunder (Facebook) gets 700 friends, someone will win a set of falls

How to enter:
1. Add Indigo as a friend:
2. Suggest Indigo to all your friends
3. Click 'Like' on the status about the competition

Colour Chart!! [5th, November, 2009|12:34 am]
[Music |Cruxshadows]

Want to place a custom order?

Here's some help:

Colour Chart


Updates!! [11th, October, 2009|08:14 pm]
 Indigo Thunder's LJ is due an update, new pictures and a general overall re-vamp! 
Lots of pics to come!

Indigo Thunder hair falls will be on sale at
Whitby Goth Weekend, October 2009!!

The stall will be located in the Leisure Centre with our wonderful friends Kimmie of Planet Neon Bunny and Philip of Desade's Digital Deviancy.

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(no subject) [22nd, January, 2009|01:23 am]
The Pictorial Tutorial:  How do I attach my falls?

Modelled by Kimmie Stitched Kitten.
Photos by AmberLilith


(no subject) [21st, January, 2009|01:43 am]

The Pictorial Tutorial:  How do I arrange my falls?

Modelled by Kimmie Stitched Kitten.
Photos by AmberLilith

Stitched Kitten (Right) is wearing mixed yarn braid falls.
AmberLilith (Left) is wearing Colinette 'point five' falls.

Falls can also be arranged in more elaborate 'up-do's and secured using decorative hairclips or ribbons.... use your imagination!!  (Up-do pics coming soon!)

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